I cannot find upgrade option from 12 Pro to 16 Pro?

If you have MindMapper 12 Professional, then you are eligible for a free upgrade to MindMapper 16 Arena, the full-feature version.  “Professional” name was dropped in 2013 and updated to “Arena” to reflect the file format change to XML-based TWDX.  However, in December 2015, name “Professional” was brought back for the newly created product category that is identical to Arena version but without collaboration module. So the upgrade path for MindMapper 12 Professional is MindMapper 16 Arena (MM12 Pro>MM12 Arena>MM14Arena>MM16Arena).

Release Version Full-Feature Full-Feature but without
MindMapper 16 Arena Professional Standard
MindMapper 14 Arena Standard
MindMapper 12 Arena (Professional) Standard
MindMapper 2009 Professional Standard

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