Whether it’s Project Management, organizing a meeting, or brainstorming on a new idea, MindMapper by SimTech is the perfect tool for the corporate environment.

 Project Management
MindMapper® is the perfect companion tool for project management alongside Microsoft Project®. Use MindMapper® to plan your project from the beginning, organizing disjoint thoughts into a single map. Then produce a Gantt chart within MindMapper®, and convert it to a Microsoft Project® file with a touch of a button.

See this Innovation Tools article titled : “How to use mind map software for project management”

 Collaborating & Communicating
Whether you’re collaborating in a meeting or online, you can use MindMapper® to keep track of all of your colleague’s documents and status instantly. Assign a task to your colleague, represented by a node on your MindMapper® map, then simply merge their finished work into a single, comprehensive map for all to share.

With MindMapper®, no more fidgeting around with traditional document applications trying to lay it all out as ideas are flying around. MindMapper® allows you to quickly organize even the most disjoint thoughts in real-time. With an intuitive user interface, you can easily arrange ideas around by drag-n-drop, then instantly produce a finalized document in Microsoft Word® or PowerPoint® format for sharing and distribution.

Effortlessly plan meetings by creating an agenda and finalizing the details using MindMapper®. Take meeting notes and any random ideas that happen to be flying by using MindMapper® in real time. And when you’re all done, a simple click converts it into Microsoft Word® format for distribution.

MindMapper® provides an intuitive graphical view of the overall content of a training seminar. You can easily use MindMapper® map to jump from one topic to the next, with built-in hyper-linking capabilities.

 Business Licenses
SimTech also offers the following licensing programs to fit all of your business licensing needs:

·         Single License Program
Haven´t decided if you want to deploy MindMapper across your organization? No problem. Purchase a single license (or licenses) for those few employees who can´t live without MindMapper. And when you do decide to roll out MindMapper company-wide, you can use the volume discount program to suit your needs.


·         Volume Discount Program
Volume Discount Program rewards you by saving you more money with more licenses purchased. The discount rate increases progressively as more licenses are purchased. Please inquire with our Sales Staff for more information.

SimTech offers full product maintenance and technical support along with product updates and upgrades.

To inquire about these and more, please send email to: or call our corporate office at +1 949-486-4125