• MindMapper 14 and MindMapper 12 are eligible for free upgrades to MindMapper 16. Please go to upgrade purchase page and confirm that your upgrade eligible product costs $0.00. Then proceed to purchase the free upgrade so that you can obtain the license keys.
MindMapper 16 Arena
Get the complete visual mapping software for PC.
$249 purch_btn1
MindMapper 16 Professional
Professional is the same as the Arena edition but is without the collaboration feature. An incredible value.
$120 purch_btn1
MindMapper 16 Standard
Basic features to create visual maps for PC.
$100 purch_btn1
MindMapper 16 USB
Get the MindMapper 16 Professional program in the 16GB USB flash drive. No need to activate or download. Just plug-in to a PC and you are ready to map.
$120 purch_btn1
MindMapper 16 Academic
Complete visual mapping software for students or faculty.
Academic validation required.
$39 purch_btn3
Upgrade to MM16 from previous versions.
purch_btn6 purch_btn2



– Corporate, academic, government volume licenses
– Collaboration server package for more than10 users
– Integration and customization of MindMapper solution
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