MindMapper 16 for PC


Almost all activities in our lives can be considered projects. They are temporary and has a defined beginning and end. And most definitely, creates a unique result. In other words, if there is a goal (result) and schedule (beginning and end), then all of our daily activities at home and work can be categorized as projects.

Project quotient then is the ability of an individual to set goals, schedule, and follow through with actions; it’s the ability of self-directing your thinking and time to achieve goals. Typically, those with higher project quotient are the ones that are excelling at schools and workplaces.

To achieve high project quotient, you must meticulously manage information and time wisely. And MindMaper 16 is just the tool to help you do this.

Try the new MindMapper if you or any organizations that want to develop the ability to set goals, build schedule, and follow through with actions.

· Self-directed learning
· Project planning and management
· Leader who wants to improve team productivity
· Ideation and problem-solving
· Team communication and collaboration
· Thinking that translates to actions resulting in creation of values
· Visual and creative thinking





screens_dashboard Manage goals, information, and schedule through dashboard screen.
screens_planner This is where you can add schedule items: all day events, appointments, and important memos. You can connect schedule items to any project maps.
screens_map Use mind map to think, create, and organize information in visual format.  Here you can edit maps, add hyperlink and attachments, brainstorm, and collaborate.



Dashboard is bird’s-eye view of my past, present and future activities.

The left area consists of important on-going projects.  At the center is your profile and image that represents your vision, dream, goal, or success.  Located on the right is the planner.  These are placed in such order so that you are at the center with access to information from the past to present with the ability to view plans for the future.

The dashboard helps you to view your life’s big picture from an even bigger perspectives enabling you to see the past, present, and future information in the same space.


You can effectively access the past, present, and future work information using the project list pane.  Even more, you can make shortcuts to frequently used programs and maps.

In the center of the dashboard is your profile: name, organization, vision or goal, nickname, and success image. Insert an image that represents your vision, goal, or dream and link it to your master map or a URL. Once you click on the image, your linked master map or URL will open.

The salient feature of new MindMapper is the project maps on the left side. When you register the map as a project map, then all of the schedules in the map will be shown in the planner. Once map and planner are linked, whatever you edit on the planner will be reflected on the map. Furthermore, if you click on the schedule, the connected map will appear, allowing you to view the entire project. This mechanism is the foundation of the new MindMapper that enables visual thinking and bird’s eye view perspective while managing detailed schedule.

Furthermore, an incredible communication is possible through collaboration.  If you register a collaboration map as a project map, then schedules entered by all members will show in each member’s planner.


Mind Map

A mind map is a project blueprint that facilitates ideation and collaboration.

Visually map out a variety of information and processes when learning, reading, planning, reporting, and organizing.  First establish goals and schedule with detailed plans to reach your goals.  Whatever the goals are, approach it as a project to plan and manage your information.

Be in control of your entire work while enabling effective communication and collaboration among team members. The new MindMapper also enables leaders to show their ability to be in control of the whole information and be able to adjust it when needed.

Do away with the common method of conducting meetings for the purpose of collaboration, collection, and communication of information.  Rather use MindMapper collaboration to conduct meetings to give you and your organization an edge in this globally competitive environment where project management skills are highly sought after.


In the mind mapping area, you can freely think as you visualize them.  By visualizing, we do not mean typing out your thoughts verbatim, but visually structuring your thoughts using keywords.  This visual structure can carry over to brainstorming, project planning, data gathering and management, dissertations, reports, and much more.  Additionally, all of the schedules will automatically appear in the planner and from the planner, you can directly access the map to see the whole project.



The Planner is a time management tool that fosters project execution.

Now, you can integrate ideation and execution.   Schedules from any different project maps will show in the planner, and schedule entries from the planner will appear in the connect project map.  If you want to view the entire project, view in the project map.  If you want to view a project in more detailed timescales, view it in the planner.  By easily moving perspectives from whole to detailed part, you can be sure to complete your project with success.


Planner screen is made up of a week, month, and year view calendar. From the week view, editing and management of the calendar is possible.  There are 3 schedule item slots for each day: all day event, appointments, and memos.

You can make an appointment in the calendar slot or create an all day event and connect it to a project map pertinent to that schedule.  When connected, the schedule item will appear on the map, allowing you to switch between the map and the schedule, enabling you to view the whole project in the map and detailed schedule in the calendar.




  • Planner

Integration of calendar which allows for easier schedule management. You can add a schedule to a calendar and connect it to a map to sync. Mobile apps can also be used to view and edit.

  • Dashboard

Projects, appointments, reminders, announcements, shortcuts to folders and View current applications.

  • Tags and Filter

Use text labels to categorize topics for classification. Apply conditions to filter and display topics on the map.

  • Sequentially present selected topics

Select the topics you want to show in sequential order and the selected topics will show in the order it was selected. You can use a wireless pointer or the arrow keys to move slides backward or forward.

new_feature_boundary topic
  • Boundary topic

Grouped boundary can add topics or even another boundary.  Idea is inserting another map into the current map.


  • New Improvements
    • Option to select modified topics in certain time frame
    • Efficient spacing for the 1st level topics when topics get too numerous
    • Added commas for thousands separator in Auto Sum
    • Select map style (mapping direction, font, line color, etc.) and apply to all
    • Hyperlink/attachment view all and change all
    • Sibling topic rolls down with selected sequence
    • Create new parent topic
    • Collaboration session can display attendees in group
    • Collaboration session now allows OLE objects and linking
    • Go directly to the collaboration map by linking collaboration map from a topic



Key Features

key features_01 23 different mapping directions, from hand drawn style to problem-solving Fishbone to time-based process tree (world’s first).
key features_02 Visual information laid out in one view to collaborate, share, chat, vote, manage permission and versions.   Integrate collaboration service with groupware, knowledge management, and homepage.
key features_03 Exchange information on converting a map to MS Office and Project (First to introduce this feature in 2000).
key features_04 Built in Gantt chart to view schedule, resources, completion rate.  Drag mouse to change schedule and export Gantt chart to MS Project.
key features_05 Visually structure a map to manage countless files by using hyperlinks and attachments.  You can view all hyperlinks/attachments or convert them from hyperlink to attachment and vice versa.
key features_06 Map created on the PC will show exactly in the mobile app (iOS and Android), and you can edit it as well. Use planner to manage schedule. Also supported is the collaboration from your mobile devices, so you can be anywhere and still join collaboration without your PC.  Especially useful feature is the map note which enables you to take quick notes in the linear format and convert it into mind map.