Activation and Upgrades

Note:  MindMapper 16 USB is embedded with MindMapper 16 Professional edition and not the collaboration enabled Arena edition.

In a nutshell, you are deleting MindMapper 12 or 14 program files and replacing it with MindMapper 16 USB program files. Copying these files to any USB drives will not work.  You must have MM 12 or 14 USB.

  1. Plugin USB to your computer.

  1. Do not launch the start menu by not allowing the app from an unknown publisher to make changes to your device.

     However, if it is launched, please close it by clicking the X button.


  1. Go to your current MindMapper USB folder and delete Start.exe file and MindMapper Program folder. MindMapper Program folder is hidden, so you must change folder option to show hidden files


  1. From the following link, download MindMapper 16_USB zip file to the MindMapper 12 or 14 USB drive (if your browser allows) or default Download folder in your computer.


  1. Unzip the file and you will see a folder MindMapper16_USB created.


  1. Open the MindMapper16_USB folder and copy MindMapper Program and Start.exe


  1. Paste Start.exe and MindMapper Program to MindMapper 12 or 14 USB flash drive.


  1. When done, click Start.exe to launch the start menu and click Start to open MindMapper 16 USB which has MM16 Pro embedded.


If launch menu doesn’t show, go to MindMapper Program folder and double click MM.exe to start MindMapper 16 USB.


If you have MindMapper 12 or 14, then you can upgrade to 16 free of charge.  You can also upgrade from 12 to 16 directly.

Upgrade path to 16

Upgrade steps

    1. Go to MindMapper purchase page and click Upgradesupgrades_button
    2. Click Upgrades
    3. Search for the eligible upgrade and click Add to Basket.   Note that $0.00 is shown for free upgrades.
    4. You will be taken to current license verification page

New license format has 2 fields only: Name and Serial. In order to upgrade with previous license format, please enter the serial number and registration in the Serial # field

Ex.  If you have the following license information, then you will enter the Serial # field with the following: ABCDEFGHIJK12345678. Please do not include dashes or spaces.

License Key:

Name: Visual Thinker
Email: vt@mindmapper.com
Registration: 12345678


5. Click Next to proceed and follow the instruction.

Unfortunately, upgrading to 16 from MindMapper 2009, 2008, 5 or 4 is not free.  However, the procedure is identical.  Just make sure to select the eligible upgrade.

You can download MindMapper 16 software program from the download page.

To obtain your full license information, please follow these steps:

1) Go to website http://register.mindmapper.com

2) Enter your Name, Email and Serial Number, and click “Register my MindMapper”

3) Enter the information requested, and click Submit

4) You’ll see your full license.

MindMapper 16 license format has been changed from 4 fields to 2 fields to cut down on the registration process.   Name, Email, Serial, and Registration fields have been reduced to Name and Serial number.  However, serial number now consists of the old serial number plus the registration number.

So if you have the 4-field license, you would have to fill in the name and serial number and registration number into the Serial # field to activate MindMapper 16.  MindMapper 14 and below have 4 fields still.

New MindMapper license foramt

New MindMapper license foramt

When you are trying to upgrade, you will have to go through a license verification process to confirm that you have a valid license that can be upgraded.   However, the new form asks for Name, Email, Serial number and no registration number.  For those with registration number, please follow the below instruction to get verified.

License format has been changed to shorten registration process. If you have a 4-field license key, then you must enter the registration number right after the serial number in the Serial #field.

Also, all fields are case sensitive, so we strongly recommend that you copy and paste.

Verification error fix

Verification error fix

If you have MindMapper 12 Professional, then you are eligible for a free upgrade to MindMapper 16 Arena, the full-feature version.  “Professional” name was dropped in 2013 and updated to “Arena” to reflect the file format change to XML-based TWDX.  However, in December 2015, name “Professional” was brought back for the newly created product category that is identical to Arena version but without collaboration module. So the upgrade path for MindMapper 12 Professional is MindMapper 16 Arena (MM12 Pro>MM12 Arena>MM14Arena>MM16Arena).

Release Version Full-Feature Full-Feature but without
MindMapper 16 Arena Professional Standard
MindMapper 14 Arena Standard
MindMapper 12 Arena (Professional) Standard
MindMapper 2009 Professional Standard