Harness the Power of Visual Mapper, Planner, and Dashboard

The new MindMapper combines a versatile visual mapping tool with a convenience of a planner and bird's-eye view of a dashboard, creating a perfect visual tool to help you achieve goals and manage schedule.

Get a Snapshot of Your Activities from the Dashboard

Strategically placed project pane on the left, profile in the center, and planner on the right to get a snapshot of ongoing projects, schedule, and today's reminders to focus on the ongoing project and schedule.

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Increase Ideation and Management Skills with the Visual Mapper

Visually layout information on the map. Create and organize information visually for enhanced communication and ideation in a collaborative environment to foster creativity and visual thinking. Visually plan and manage the entire project.

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Implement Ideas to Actions in the Planner

Carry out project plans and ideas utilizing scheduling features of the new planner and automatically sync project map's schedule to the planner.

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Weekly Calendar Monthly Calendar


Capture flashing ideas and quickly organizing them into a logical and cohesive order with ease and creative flow.

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Reduce meeting time, increase concentration, and generate creative ideas by conducting meeting is visually and logically laid out information map.

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Manage goals, schedules, members, files, status, updates, and even chat from just one screen.

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Information Visualization

Find information easily by gathering and organizing scattered information or files into logical and visual structures.

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Yearly Plans

Create a yearly plan by both looking at the status of all current projects and detailed schedules together.

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Encourage logical and systemic thinking through organizing learning materials in coherent order; also see how it can greatly help with self-directed learning.

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